iPhone 7 Rumors: e-SIM and No headphone features

What is trendy about the technology and will Apple upcoming device like iPhone 7 carry most smashing features and specifications. We can expect the best from Apple products. We are assuming as per the Apple has given to its users so this features like e-SIM and no headphone can be easy to use in iPhone 7 if it is going to happen. It is also predicting that Apple is entirely removing the headphone jack and there will be no headache of inserting SIM or removing it as iPhone 7 is likely to come with e-SIM.

Release Date and Price of iPhone 7

The release date will be roundabout September 2016 of iPhone 7 and iPad air 3. As we all know that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus announced on 9 Sept 2014 while iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus was unveiled at 9 September 2015 so there will be full possibility of having same month and the same date for iPhone 7 release.
The price of the iPhone 7 will cost around euro 539 for the 16 GB version, euro 619 for 64 GB and euro 699 for the 128 GB. It can vary from this status.  The predecessors of the Apple iPhone 7 had same price.

Now check some idea about the rumor of e-SIM and no headphone jacks feature on iPhone 7. 

e-SIM for iPhone 7

The superb features like this, if come in iPhone 7 then I do not think that anybody will not appreciate this. No more, there will be traditional SIM card. The e-SIM is an electronic SIM card which is all set to remove the trend of traditional SIM. This replacement has been worth for the users. Both Apple and Samsung is about to take same initiative and they will replace the traditional SIM with E-SIM in their upcoming handsets.

Do you think there will be any benefits of using e-SIM rather than traditional SIM?

You will certainly have flexible roaming with this jump and you will be free from the headache of inserting and removing the SIM. It means operation will be easier and handy. Calling would be easier and you will able to remain to a local network if you are in other places for long (country). SIM trend will diminish somewhere with upcoming trend of e-SIM and it will be highly acceptable among people.

No headphone Jack for iPhone 7

Imagine there will be no headphone jack in your latest iPhone 7. Apple is in this direction of removing entirely the trend of jack of headphone to avoid the 1 mm thickness of the phone. For listening to music you have two options, use wireless Bluetooth headphone and another choice is that you need to connect the headphone to your iPhone 7 through lightning port which is expensive. But Apple must have other alternatives as well for using headphone or will it remain to shave 1 mm width of iPhone 7.
See the highlights of the rumors and it will be updated with time if there will any other rumor take place!

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