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Google Trends has been in operation since 2006, providing users with access to a range of insights into the most popular search terms, how search terms are used by location, associated words and many other valuable bits of information that can be used to fuel everything from SEO strategy to academic research. Yesterday, Google updated the Google trends with an update which will allow people to search for news in real time on Google Trends. Yes, Google Trends real time gives data insights from time to time and allow you to know what’s actually fricking hot right now at this moment!

Google introduced a redesigned Google Trends real time version which allows you to search in a particular niche in depth into a specific subject and even by regional searches. For example, If you want to know which football team is dominating the buzz over the past hour, you just have to narrow the scope accordingly to see a minute-by-minute graph. The new updated Google trends will give you details about time to time search volumes and also allow you to compare the search volumes between specific dates amnd\

Google said in the official announcement,

“You can now explore minute-by-minute, real-time data behind the more than 100 billion searches that take place on Google every month, getting deeper into the topics you care about. During major events like the Oscars or the NBA Finals, you’ll be able to track the stories most people are searching for and where in the world interest is peaking.”  

 Another element of the latest update sees the Google Trends homepage transformed into a listing of the major stories getting traction at any given time.

Google says many of the changes in this new version are based on feedback the company got from “journalists and others” around the world. These journalists, marketers and others who are interested in trending topics, can now also download datasets with more information about key trends for their own analysis and visualizations.

In another departure from the previous version of Google Trends, the tool now displays clusters of related terms to give users some context around the words being searched for. Rather than displaying simply “Lady Gaga,” for example, the revamped Google Trends might surface “Lady Gaga” and “new video” to clarify that the newsworthy event at hand is the debut of a music video.

So this was all about the new redesigned Google Trends which totally is amazing and super helpful for people to search about the latest hot trends around the world. Google might also plan to view the top tweets about a particular topic fetching them from Twitter. This might even prove more better as Twitter provides second to second updates as the tweeps update about a particular topic. Super thumbs up to Google for this update of Google Trends real time as this would prove to be a great redefinition of Search to everyone on the web. Share the story and keep following us for more such updates!

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