Windows 10 Minimum Hardware Requirements

You all must be pretty much excited to know what Microsoft has got for you in the store by bringing out the new Windows 10. The feedback from many users about the Windows 10 preview has been positive, but do you know what it takes to have Windows 10 installed on your system? We will tell you about the minimum Windows 10 system requirements for your system. Know all the Windows 10 hardware requirements here and be ready to get Windows 10 final version as it comes out.

When it comes Windows for desktops, Microsoft will require consumer-based devices to have a display 8-inches or greater, or 7-inches or greater for “Pro” devices with a minimum resolution of 800×600. It will require 1GB of RAM for 32-bit systems and 2GB of 64-bit. We reckon for the most part most computers should be able to handle Windows 10 without any issues, but in terms of mobile devices, it’s nice to know that QHD resolutions will be supported so it remains to be seen if any OEM will take advantage of that.

In terms of mobile devices, the minimum amount of RAM is listed as 512MB, which is unchanged from Windows Phone 8.1. Minimum storage required to run Windows 10 for phones will be 4GB, although Microsoft mentions that mobiles that offer 4GB internal memory should have an SD card installed to facilitate future updates.
New hardware from Intel include the 14nm Cherry Trail-based Atom processors, as well as the upcoming Skylake architecture for desktops. The entry-level Atom x3 — which was announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month — will also be compatible with Windows 10. AMD’s processor additions are in the form of the Carrizo and Carrizo-L, which are aimed at desktops and notebooks respectively.
We will keep you updated with all the upcoming updates about th all new Windows 10. Stay tuned!

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