14 September, 2012

iPhone 5 Unlocked Price in US : $649 (16GB), $749 (32GB) And $849 (64GB)

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Apple launched it's new iPhone 5 yesterday and all the Apple lovers around the world are already jumping off in happiness. iPhone 5 price has been let out on the Apple's website. We have the iPhone 5 unlocked price in U.S. Actually, the new iPhone is obviously a great device with better design and faster processor but it's not the best smartphone till date. There are lot better phones available today running on Android and Windows which can easily prove better than it.

Using the site’s compare tool, you can see that the 16GB model starts at $649, with the 32GB version costing $749 and the 64GB top tier configuration running $849. That’s the same as the iPhone 4S used to cost unlocked. That’s a considerable additional expense above and beyond the on-contract price.

By using an unlocked iPhone 5, you ensure that you can easily move from one network to another. It's good that you're not locked in to just one carrier. You can also then use the iPhone on T-Mobile, which is in the process of deploying a network on the 1900 MHz spectrum that will finally let the iPhone achieve top mobile broadband speeds on America’s fourth-largest carrier.

So what do you think, is the unlocked iPhone 5 too costly ? Are you one of those Apple lovers who'll buy it regardless of it's price ? Do let us know your opinions.


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