04 January, 2015

6 Best File Managers For Android

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Today almost 60% people are using an Android phone and carrying a lot of data on their devices. So It's very necessary to have an organized way to secure data. File manger for Android is a very important and must have application. I will talk about the 6 best file managers for Android that I've come across and which I think might be very useful for our Android phones. And the nice part is that all the file managers for Android I'm gonna talk about are all free to download. So you can easily download file manager for Android directly from the Google Play Store.

6 best file managers for android

6. File Manager by Gira.me - File Manager by Gira.me is a Holo-themed file manager and application explorer crafted for Android phones and tablets. They have an intuitive left-right swiping to browse folders and files. You can even select multiple files or folders to operate on. It is optimized for both phones and tablets (HD) screens (tested with Nexus devices). It is compatible with all the Android devices running on Android 4.0 KitKat version.

5. File Wrangler - File Wrangler strives to be the definitive file manager for the Android platform. Making use of the latest Android guidelines, we have developed an interface that is simple, easy to use and quite frankly, rocks socks. It has two browser panes, full drag and drop navigation feature. You can even share any file using Bluetooth, drive, Dropbox etc. And most importantly, It's totally Ad-free. 

4. ASTRO File Manager With Cloud - With ASTRO File Manager for Android, you can organize, view, and retrieve all of your pictures, music, videos, & documents; built-in app backup & task killer; manage all your files regardless of where they are stored (in a cloud or on another device such as) phones, tablets, Clouds, PC or even a Mac. After your first search, results are almost instantaneous across all indexed locations. It has a better file search, file browsing experience in areas with spotty or slow network coverage.

3. ES File Explorer File Manager - ES File Explorer is a free, full-featured file and application manager. It functions as all of these apps in one: file manager, application manager, task killer, download manager, cloud storage client (compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box.net, Sugarsync, Yandex, Amazon S3, and Ubuntu One...), FTP client, and LAN Samba client.
It provides access to pictures, music, video, documents, and other files on both your Android devices and your computers. ES File Explorer allows Android users, no matter where they are, to manage their resources freely.

2. Total Commander File Manager - Total Commander is a very useful File manager for your Android devices. It has some features like copy, move, drag, drop, rename, delete, zip, unzip, search, thumbnails for pictures and you can even send files via Bluetooth. It has two panels side by side, or virtual two panel mode. Moreover, it has also optimizations for visually impaired, like text for icons.

1. Ghost Commander File Manager - Ghost Commander is a dual-panel file manager (as well as a FTP, SFTP, SMB, WebDAV, Drive, BOX, Dropbox client!) which will let you to manage your files locally or remotely as well as tweak your system in the root mode. It is customizable, ad-free open sourced and donation supported. Ghost Commander lets you transfer files both to and from FTP and SFTP servers and Windows network shares, as well as Google Drive, BOX and Dropbox cloud storage (plugin required), plus it can create/extract ZIP archives and work with as it was a regular folder.

Download Ghost Commander File Manager For Android

6 best file managers for android

So this was a small list of some of the best file managers for Android I've come across. I hope you liked and got an idea of which File manager for Android to choose for your Android phones. If you think you have some other manager which is better than the ones mentioned in this article, please do share with us via comments. Keep visiting and sharing and support us.

03 January, 2015

How To Solve Don't Track My Pageviews Error In Blogger [SCRIPT]

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A lot of people face the Don't Track My Pageviews error problem in blogger. Today I'm gonna give an easy solution on how to solve Don't track my pageviews error in blogger. It happened a lot of times that when I try to change don't track my pageviews option, it loads for a while and then shows the message "There was an error in fetching stat please reload the page". Now I'll show how to solve don't track my pageviews error in blogspot domain.

How To Solve Don't Track My Pageviews Error In Blogger [SCRIPT]

The Don't track my pageviews error occurs in only custom domain for blogger and not in the blgospot url's. Due to this problem we cannot calculate our page views count efficiently. So this guide will help you how to solve Don't track my page views error in blogger.

Steps: How To Solve Don't Track My Pageviews On Blogger

1. Login to your Blogger dashboard.

2. Copy the following URL in your browser -


3. Replace the "www.yourdomain.com" with your blog URL and Press Enter.

4. You will see a message shown in the picture below.

How To Solve Don't Track My Pageviews Error In Blogger [SCRIPT]

5. You're done, now blogger won't track your own pageviews.

Note: If your blog has multiple authors then repeat the same process with all accounts.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and this certainly taught you how to solve don't track your own pageviews error in blogger. Keep visiting for more such tricks, cheers!

02 January, 2015

Download Official Android 5.0 Lollipop Alpha ROM For OnePlus One

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OnePlus One community has come up with a highly modified and interesting version of Android developed by the folks over at Cyagenmod. Following the controversy with Cyanogen licensing in India, the company had announced earlier that it will be providing an early build to customers, which will replace the Cyanogen OS on their devices. The company has now released and you can download official Android 5.0 Lollipop alpha ROM on its forums, and is available to download and flash right now. The ROM looks pretty much identical to stock Android Lollipop on Nexus devices but with a few minor changes, such as the ability to have either onscreen or physical navigation buttons.

OnePlus One says,  
we will keep to our promise and deliver an experience that is customizable, yet bloat-free with stock-Android-like simplicity by default; we wouldn’t ask you to settle for anything less. In the meantime, we thought you’d appreciate an early community preview and a progress report.

Download Official Android 5.0 Lollipop Alpha ROM For OnePlus One

Steps to Install OnePlus One Alpha ROM on your device:

Step 1:

Download Oneplus_community.zip (you can find the link above) and copy the file to your phone. On a Mac, you can use Android File Transfer. If you have TWRP installed, you should see a TWRP folder, and that’s where you want to place the zip. (or INSTALL TWRP here)

Step 2: 

Boot into TWRP recovery. You can do this on your OPO by holding both the volume down and power buttons.

Step 3:

Once you are in the recovery interface, the first thing you want to do is go to Wipe and do a factory reset to clean your data, cache, and Dalvik. Note that you will lose all of your files so make sure everything is backed up before continuing.

Step 4:

After the wipe, go to install and find the zip you copied to your device and confirm flash. This should flash the ROM to your device.

Step 5:

After flash is complete. Clear your cache again. If you have GApps, install it now. Reboot your phone.

Step 6:

You should now be booted into the new ROM. Enjoy!

Android Lollipop build is great and runs very smoothly but has its own share of bugs which needs to be cleaned out and most probably as days passes more and more stable the ROM will get. So share the word with friends to let them know their 2015 present has arrived.

OnePlus One Android 5.0 Lollipop Alpha ROM demo


01 January, 2015

Solid Mark Zuckerberg's 2015 Resolutions By Facebook Users

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Every year, Mark Zuckerberg gives himself a personal challenge as he aims to improve this world more and more and not just be a tech giant and the owner of a social network. Following the same tradition, this time he allowed and gave an opportunity to all the Facebook users or you can call them his kids to suggest him what he could take up as a challenge for the New Year 2015 resolution. 

Many users took the opportunity to give Zuckerberg suggestions on how to improve the website instead of himself — adding the often-requested "dislike" button was well-represented in the suggestions. There were also plenty of proposals to make the world a better place, like visiting classrooms every week, feeding the homeless, and reaching out to Facebook users to offer encouragement.

Some Hilarious Suggestions!

1. Delete users who send Candy Crush invites.

2. Deadlift 400 pounds.

3. Plant a tree for every new Facebook user that joins in 2015. Name the tree after the user.

4. Buy YouTube ;)

5. Only poo in public toilets.

6. Make a baby.

7. Quit Facebook once and a while and see how serene it is. Reddit has nicer resources and a stronger community.

8. Finish college.

9. Delete messenger.

10. Go through Astronaut training?

As of this writing the post has gathered some 132,000+ likes, over 50,000 comments and over 3,000 shares. It is safe to say that Zuckerberg is going to receive a lot of recommendations, some of which may not be entirely helpful, but hey that’s to expect when you reach out to the internet for help. Mark Zuckerberg would be surely surprised by so many and more importantly, such interesting suggestions, I hope you enjoyed the article.

Yes, we are back and up again! Techsnap Blog is ready to rock, help us by sharing, cheers and Happy New Year!

05 June, 2014

An Initiative to do something for the Society And Microsoft Community!

It feels quite good knowing that there is an opportunity for me to give back to something which has changed not only mine but all of our lives in the context of technology. Microsoft, is not only just like a teacher who taught me how to deal with different tasks which I have to complete for my academics but also a friend who has always been there for me when I need some kind of entertainment and a happiness boost. I would like to share all the instances where Microsoft has "given" me something which allowed me to move ahead in life.

Microsoft Office, Skype, OneDrive

Whether it's an assignment which I have to complete and submit tomorrow, whether it's a powerpoint presentation which I have to present the next day or in a quick time interval, whether I have to send an email in a jiffy or if I have to save the records of my grades in college, MS Office with it's powerful guns like MS PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and other important softwares (and their constant updates) have always been there to help me out and complete the jobs. They have made life much easier and most importantly all my tasks are completed instantly and there's no tension about the design or layouts. 

Tools like Skype has always helped me remain connected with all my friends who went away to study abroad or meet new people and interact with them, have video conferences with fellow bloggers and so on. Also OneDrive has always helped me to store all my content at one place and keep them synced. Also with the students benefit, the more space helps me store more content online.

Microsoft DreamSpark

This program has impacted my life in a unique way. As a student, I always get the benefit of using all the lastest designed Microsoft tools as my Academic Institution is subscribed to this program and gives me the liberty to learn and explore more about Microsoft products.

Microsoft, As a Technology Blogger

As a technology blogger, I'd like to also include that with the constant changes in the different fields of technology like introducing the Windows phones, advancing the Windows OS to tablets and also introducing the gaming consoles like XBox 360 and other devices, it gave me a lot of new things to explore and write about. Whenever I used to run out of content, the first thing I'd look for is if there's anything new by Microsoft in the market or not. And also the devices have always been of the best quality with amazing experience!

My Plans As A Microsoft Students Associate

Being a Microsoft Student Associate would give me immense pleasure in doing something for the community which has always been there to help me and teach me a lot of things about technology throughout my teenage. It would be a great experience for me to go out and help the community grow by sharing the knowledge among others and creating a better environment for everyone to know more and more about Microsoft as it progresses. I would like to list out my main aims being a MSA 2014,

1. To drive and engage students of today's world towards the emerging Microsoft technologies and help them understand the different things which they would have never heard or known of.

2. To motivate the students to develop more for Microsoft and know more by exploring about the latest Microsoft updates and the upcoming devices.

3. To conduct seminar, webinars, workshops, weekly contests, bootcamps and in this way provide a platform to all the students not only to showcase their skills but also gain enormous knowledge from the different experienced speakers from around the country and asking more people from the blogosphere to help the students know more.

4. To be a channel of communication between the students and Microsoft, those who want to show their skills and capabilities to Microsoft by developing new things and creating new tools which can be used for the betterment of society in terms of technology.
5. To learn by interacting with different people who share the same kind of interest and creating an environment which is suitable for all people irrespective of the language barrier or any kind of fear to share their thoughts with the world.

So this is how Microsoft has impacted my life till now and here is a glimpse of how I will help the society and the also the Microsoft community to grow more. Without making any false promises, I have shared all of my views regarding Microsoft Student Associate program. This will not only help me get an experience of how to interact with people but also make a lot of connections with like minded people and be a kind of force to technology and learn more and more as I share more and more. I hope Microsoft will consider me as a potential MSA and even help me, along with everyone to grow a bit more in life. Thank you! 
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